Our TYE Hassle-Free Maintenance Program offers our high-quality maintenance services at a locked in $50 per-man-hour rate. Our maintenance includes:

  • ​Trim & shape bushes (up to 10 ft)
  • ​​Trim trees up to 10 ft (excludes cutting that requires a chainsaw)
  • ​​Mow & edge grass (if applicable)
  • ​​Remove tall weeds, spray smaller ones
  • ​​Rake rock (as necessary)
  • ​Power Blow
  • ​Remove all debris
  • ​Customizable to your liking

Additionally, this package comes with a bunch of free bonuses. Included in this program:

  • ​365 days locked in at $50 PMH guaranteed
  • $25 Initial Clean-Up Credit
  • Quick and easy estimates
  • ​​Personalized reminders before every service
  • ​​Call, text, and email support 9 hours a day (7am-4pm every business day)
  • ​​Automated billing
  • TYE Damage Insurance - ​​Guarantee that we will quickly repair and/or reimburse any damaged items in the case of an accident (i.e. a broken window)

Do you need an initial clean-up? An initial clean-up may be required to start this maintenance program. This service is how we ready your property to begin recurring maintenance.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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