Looking for a one time clean up or wishing to get started on recurring maintenance? Then you need a clean up!






Looking to keep your yard beautifully maintained? Get on recurring maintenance! We provide the highest quality maintenance around. We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly service visits for your convenience.


Looking for  construction instead?

Landscape Construction

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What is PMH and why do we bill this way?

PMH stands for per man hour. Instead of charging you a flat rate that does not reflect the amount of service provided, we charge based on the time taken to service your property. After nearly two decades of servicing the east valley, we at The Yard Experts have found that this is the most accurate way to bill our customers. As seasons change and the amount of debris and growth on your yard fluctuates, a bill per man hour rate is there to provide an accurate reflection of the amount of work we provided to you.

The Yard Experts offers clean ups and recurring maintenance. All clean up and maintenance services include the on-site service, as well as convenient perks.

On-Site Services

All Recurring Maintenance Includes:

  • Trim & shape bushes (up to 10 ft)
  • Trim trees up to 10 ft (excludes cutting that requires a chainsaw)
  • ​​Mow & edge grass (if applicable)
  • ​​​Remove tall weeds, spray smaller ones
  • ​​​Rake rock (as necessary)
  • ​​Power Blow
  • ​Remove all debris
  • ​Customizable to your liking

Additional Perks

Customers Have Access To:

  • Quick and easy estimates
  • Personalized reminders before every service
  • Call, text, and email support 9 hours a day (7am-4pm every business day)
  • Automated billing
  • ​​TYE Damage Insurance - ​​Guarantee that we will quickly repair and/or reimburse any damaged items in the case of an accident (i.e. a broken window)
  • ​...and more!